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Space: Booth Theater, NYC

Faculty Mentor: Linda Roethke


By Henrik Ibsen

Scenography Independent Study

Fall 2022

Ghosts Model Photo 2.jpg

Ghosts is a classic Norwegian feminist play by Heinrich Ibsen.

Ghosts is a play about cyclical rot. An idiom of history is that those who do not learn from it are doomed to repeat it. This cyclical regret is one that we see in the play. While Helene spends the play thinking that she sees ghosts all around her she herself is the ghost at the center of the story. Ghosts in many cultures are the spirits of the dead who cannot move on from this plain of existence to the next  due to some form of unfinished business. In this manner we watch Helene find her unfinished business in this world as she watches her efforts to protect her son from the rot of her husband fail as he has become a similarly wretched man.

Helene is forced to see a reflection of her husband in her son and a reflection of her maid in her husband’s bastard daughter. Helene was weight down and dragged into a life of misery with a husband she could not escape. At the center of this play are two women that are victim to the men around them who use and abuse them.


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Process Work

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