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One Flea Spare

July  2019

Connective Theatre Company at Nox Arca Theatre

Ashley Joy & Brian Zane - DIRECTOR


Hayley E. Wallenfeldt -SCENIC &

                                COSTUME DESIGN

One Flea Spare Set 1.jpg

By: Naomi Wallace

One Flea Spare Icon.jpg

A period drama taken place in 1665.


A wealthy couple is preparing to flee their home when a mysterious sailor and a young girl appear sneaking into their boarded up house. Now, quarantined together for 28 days, the only thing these strangers fear more than the Plague is each other. Definitions of morality are up for grabs and survival takes many forms in this dark, fiercely intense & humorous play. The play deals with the clash of cultural, social, and sexual boundaries.

One Flea Spare 1.jpg
Darcy and  Morse
One Flea Spare Scenic Model.jpg

Process Work

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One Flea Spare Costume Research.jpg
OFS Scenic Research.jpg
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