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Rasin in the Sun Model.jpg

Space: Booth Theater, NYC

Faculty Mentors: Todd Rosenthal

A Raisin in the Sun

Winter 2022

Independent Study in Design for Plays

By Lorraine Hansberry

Rasin in the Sun Model 2.jpg

A Rasin in the Sun is a classic unit set play taking place in the living room of a family on the South Side of Chicago some time between "post WW2 and the present" that looks at the lives of one Black family after receiving a significant life insurance check.

The intention of this project was to fully render a design to be capable of being delivered to a shop and built. I chose Rasin in the Sun for Hansberry's description of the space at the start of the play and it being a Chicago-based work. I set my version of the play to take place in the late 1960's due to turmoil in Chicago during that period.

A Rasin in The Sun.jpg

Process Work

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A Rasin in The Sun(1).jpg
A Rasin in The Sun(2).jpg
A Rasin in The Sun(3).jpg
A Rasin in The Sun(4).jpg
Rasin in the Sun- Initial model.jpg
A Rasin in The Sun(5).jpg
Rasin in the Sun Inital 1 4 drafting.jpg
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