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The Soccer Player in the Closet

February 2019

Nothing Without a Company

at Chrissy Webber Landscaping

Christopher Sylvie - DIRECTOR

Benjamin Hampikian - LIGHTING DESIGN

Satoe Schechner - COSTUME DESIGN

Hayley E. Wallenfeldt -SCENIC & PROPS 



Photography: Matthew Gregory Hollis

By Ryan Oliviera

A New Work in sight-specific theatre by Ryan Oliveira.


Cristiano, a top-ranked competitive e-soccer player, who hasn’t stepped out of the apartment he's lived in for three years.  But finally, he leaves the apartment...and behind him, a certain "stench" his cousin and landlady can't seem to Febreeze.  Through Internet magic and memories over video games, they work to unearth the root of the rotten juju. But what they uncover are painful secrets about themselves and Cristiano – and how difficult it is to get someone to move on from the closet they've built for themselves.

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