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Hayley E. Wallenfeldt & Maulikraj Shrimali



This was a piece developed for the Undergraduate Toy Theatre Festival in a course overseen by Jessica Thebus, Raquel Adorno, & Jasmine Gunter.

Photography: Justin Barbin

Videos: Liam Jeninga & Adam Wysocki

Unwelcome: A Toy Theatre Piece

March 2023

Wallis Theater, Northwestern University


By   Hayley E. Wallenfeldt

Unwelcome was developed as a performance addressing questions that was prevalent in my life at the time I was taking this course in Toy Theatre. What does it look like when you are no longer welcome with those you once held dear? What happens when pleasant memories and experiences become an unwelcome part of the conciseness?  How does one move forward when their presence and their memories are unwelcome and unwanted?


This 10 minute piece explores those questions through the lense of my own life utilizing the music "Daughter" by Youth and "Hello My Old Heart" by the Hellos as a lyrical framework.    d

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